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Logo often used by OreoGaming79

OreoGaming79 Founded on December,13,2010

Created by Alex Reed (Oreo)

an entertainment based gamer mostly teams up with TheWaffleGalaxy and MrDevilenforcer (Jason) for most Minecraft related videos. OreoGaming79 is a partner as of late August 2012 with the FullScreen Network. He has created 18 series and has uploaded (as of late September 2012) over 337 Videos. With a total of 38,000 Views and over 500 subscribers. The top 2 most successful series of his YouTube channel is the "Minecraft The Three Minekateers" with over 89 Videos in the series not counting the ones that have not been released yet.

The First video created by OreoGaming was a Custom Minecraft Map called "Revenge of the Herobrine" Which can be found Here was Created on September 5, 2011 almost a year after the enitial creation of the account. Which ended 6 episodes later on September 11, 2011.

Each episode lasting around 5 Minutes to 10 Minutes long. OreoGaming also has a twitter page with 63 followers and can also be found Here .

Here is a breif overview of the series creation dates:

[Minecraft] The Three Minekateers Created on: October 5th 2011 - Link

Payday: The Heist Created on: November 2nd 2011 - Link

[Minecraft] Cookie Craft Created on: September 7th 2011 - Link

Cave Story+ Created on: December 25th 2011 - Link

[Minecraft] Hardcore Playthrough Created on: December 27th 2011 - Link

[SWTOR] Fight Night Created on: March 3rd 2011 - Link

Killing Floor Created on: March 25th 2012 - Link

[COD] Call Of Chipmunk Created on: November 26th 2011 - Link

[COD] MW3 Campaign Created on: November 9th 2011 - Link

[COD] MW3 Online Created on: November 8th 2011 - Link

Randomness With People (A Minecraft series) Created on: November 16th 2011 - Link

Happy Wheels! Created on: June 14th 2012 - Link

[SWOTR] Guild Talks Created on: July 3rd 2012 - Link

[Minecraft] Custom Maps Created on: September 5th 2011 - Link

[Minecraft] Skyblock Survival Map /w Friends (TheWaffleGalaxy Co-Op) Created on: August 3rd 2012 - Link

[GW2] Glitches Created on: August 28th 2012 - Link

[Minecraft] Cineminecraft Created on: September 8th 2012 - Link