Avatar used by MrDevilEnforcer (Jason)

MrDevilEnforcer's (Jason) Youtube channel was founded on September 6th 2011

MrDevilEnforcer is a independent Fullscreen network partner. And usually teams up with TheWaffleGalaxy and OreoGaming79 for Co-Ops usually in the Minecraft series. He is considered as a Entertainment commentator just like his 2 Co-Op friends (OreoGaming and TheWaffleGalaxy) The same network as OreoGaming79

As of late September he has uploaded over 110 videos and created 7 series less than his Co-Op friends which have uploaded over 58 series combined. With the 2 most sucessful series being the "The Three Señoritos" with over 56 videos in counting and the "Transformers War For Cybertron" Series which has 29 videos in counting in its series.

The first video ever uploaded by MrDevilEnforcer was "Payday the Heist with Oreo EP.1" which has 83 views and 3 likes. The first video was uploaded on November 5th 2011 almost 2 months after the account was created on YouTube. The video was a Co-Op video with OreoGaming79 . MrDevilEnforcer's first series ended 4 episodes later. With each video lasting around 10 Minutes to 15 Minutes.

Mr Devil Enforcer has also created a Twitter account and a Website .

Here is a breif overview of the series and their creation dates:

Minecraft Adventure (Creation Date Unknown) - Link

Battlefront 2 With Friends Created on: September 4th 2012 - Link

StarWars Battlefront 2 Created on: August 17th 2012 - Link

Back to the past Created on: August 6th 2012 - Link

Left 4 Dead 2 Created on: August 3rd 2012 - Link

Transformers War For Cybertron Created on: may 31st 2012 - Link

Devils Classics Created on: November 5th 2011 - Link

The Three Señoritos Created on: June 9th 2012 - Link